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1 West Camino Real, Suite 101, Boca Raton, FL, USA

Dermal~Care Esthetics & Wellness Centre

About Us

Our Story . . . (we promise to keep it short and sweet)!

Located in beautiful downtown Boca Raton, FL, Dermal~Care Esthetics & Wellness Centre was originally established in 2006 in Naples, FL, where it flourished for 10 successful years . . .

Having yearned for a more dynamic environment, we recently took a very daring leap of faith, and fully relocated ourselves and our business to the more diverse city of Boca Raton, FL.  Luckily, our fine reputation precedes us, and this had proven to be a very positive, prosperous decision, without any regrets!

Unlike a large, impersonal corporate Spa environment, we are a boutique, Zen-Inspired holistic wellness facility.  We offer non-invasive, clinical skin care treatments and alternative healing modalities, just blocks away from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

At Dermal~Care, we are not just a haven of relaxation, but also a sanctuary where East meets West and old meets new, a place where your busy life and its pace are slowed down to embrace a simpler way of being.

We present a very welcoming, unpretentious environment, where ​every treatment is caringly administered in a leisurely time frame, 

offering an opportunity to deeply exhale, let go, and decompress . . .

Our Mission

Skilled in the lost art of exceeding expectations, it is our mission to bring together the inner/outer beauty and sense of well being that emerges when Body, Mind and Spirit are in harmony.​


We are not just practitioners, but visionaries, creating new treatment modality combinations for our clients' well being.

Relax in our Zen Lounge and savor a cup of organic herbal tea, hot chai or gourmet coffee before indulging in the harmonious array of services that we provide . . .

Our calming Zen decor and soothing Young Living™ aromatherapy will delight the senses!